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How to Open a Bank Account

bank account opening

Nowadays, it is very convenient and easy to open a bank account. Several online banking companies offer this service. Most of them offer the same type of account. They include a savings account, checking account, and a verifying account. As a rule, online banking institutions require you to provide your personal information such as name, address, birth date, and e-mail address. Some of them also require your banking/ checking account to hold a minimum balance as low as $200. There are also online banking accounts that are not insured by the FDIC. The accounts are not managed by an agency or an individual but managed by a bank. The good thing about them is you can withdraw your money whenever you want your money spent. These accounts are a great choice if you are planning to start a regular bank account.

The procedure for opening

Writing checks at the bank is considered safe and reliable. The bank keeps the checks and files them separately. Every month, an overdraft limit is set which prevents the expansion of the customer’s account. You are required to make the payment before the next day. The bank releases an additional amount to the customer’s account and charges a fee. Once the account falls below the required minimum balance, then the bank issues a notice and if fails to reach the minimum amount in a certain time, the account automatically converts to a checking account. But if you require overdraft protection, this requires you to pay up-front charges, and the bank will return the overdraft to your account. There is a certain bank account which is free of all this hassle. Such bank accounts are different between the FDIC regulated and the non-FDIC or the non-bank-insurance-accounts.

You may require to provide your employer information at times. Online banking lets you access and views your account as a whole. You can utilize software or gadgets provided by the bank to update and monitor your account or open a new one. You have the online and mobile access to your account which you can utilize any time, and everywhere you access the internet.

Before applying for the first bank account, you are recommended to shop around a little. Compare the service rates and other offers. You can think of using the bank account as second money, that is, think it as a saving. This is one way to ensure that you have ample money saved for rainy days.

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